Celebrate Earth Day in Stockbridge by picking up litter in your neighborhood between April 17 – 24. Even in these challenging times, we welcome your participation this year if it is good for YOU.

LHA trails and properties need attention as well. Clean up while you hike the Laura’s Tower or Ice Glen Trails. Accessible trails and properties include the Mary Flynn Trail and Roeder Park. If you need a suggestion, we are happy to help!

Being outdoors collecting accumulated litter can be a safe and positive activity IF you are not sick and take the recommended precautions. Your emotional comfort is important as well. We want to share the following common sense reminders from the Stockbridge Board of Health:

  • Stay 6’ apart from those not in your household (no carpooling!)
  • Wash your hands – pre and post pick-up
  • Wear gloves and don’t touch your face
  • Throw disposable gloves away or let your work gloves sit for 2 days after use
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds after you remove and throw away or set aside your gloves.
  • And the usual – watch out for poison ivy, ticks and traffic

We can all feel good about how our individual and collective actions make a difference.

Email us at earthday@laurelhillassociation.org to let us know you are on board and for more information. Please let us know where you will pick-up litter.

For logistical and supply reasons, please use your own gloves and plastic bags.

Thank you to all of our Earth Day Clean Up volunteers who help keep Stockbridge beautiful!

*Photo by Rod Aydelote