Thank you to the 2021 Earth Day Clean Up Volunteers! More than 65 of you helped clean up Stockbridge and your efforts are appreciated by us at LHA as well as Stockbridge residents and visitors.

2021 Earth Day Clean Up Team:

Bob Bartle
Jeremy, Hillary and Julian Beadell
Gail Beaudain and Jeff Baumwell
André Bernard
Sarah Boyd
Carl and Stephanie Bradford
Catherine and Matthew Chester
Phil and Hilary Deely
Laura Dubester
Arthur and Chris Dutil
Stew Edelstein
Julie and Barney Edmonds
Pamela Esler
Pat Flinn
Alison Fox and the Austen Riggs Team
Jane Goodrich
Christine Goretti
Vaunie Graulty
John Hart
Ellen Lanciano
Laurel Hill Team: Larry, Katherine, Luke,  Lincoln, Chantal, Roger and Patty
Shelby Marshall
Madeline and Stephanie Mason
Roxanne McCaffrey
Deb McMenamy
Mark and Nancy Mills
Theresa O’Brient
Ramelle Pulitzer
Marie and Keith Raftery
Christine Rasmussen
Martin Sennett
Gary and Paula Shalan
Kim Saul and Jim Schantz
Buck and Anna Smith
Peter and Nancy Socha
Cory and Mark Sprague
Lenore and Paul Sundberg
Lis Wheeler
Patrick White
Terry Wise

If you participated and don’t see your name above, please email and let us know so we can add you to the list. Thanks!