Annual Meeting January 18: Denny Alsop Spoke to Crowd of 100+

Denny Alsop, River Advocate, was the guest speaker at The Laurel Hill Association’s Annual Meeting,  held on Wednesday, January 18, at 7:00 pm in the Stockbridge Library’s Bement Room. Denny will present The Housatonic to Boston: A Paddler’s Story. He described his recent canoe trip starting in the Sheffield Plain on the Housatonic River and winding across Massachusetts to finish at the Charles River in Boston. 

The meeting  opened with the Association’s Business Meeting. Shelby Marshall was re-elected the President of LHA, while GeGe Kingston was elected Vice President, Patricia Flinn the Secretary and Patrick White the Treasurer.

Denny Alsop’s presentation began at 7:30. The meeting, as it is every year, was free. Refreshments were served ot the approximately 100 members and guests who attended.

A longtime Stockbridge resident, Denny Alsop made the first crossing of Massachusetts by canoe in 1988. His journey resulted in the introduction of The Massachusetts River Protection Act. In spring of 2016, Denny made the second crossing of Massachusetts by canoe, to bring attention to the continuing need to clean up “The Rest of The River.” The journey received coverage and reactions from major media, the Governor, members of Congress, the EPA, and General Electric, and will be the subject of Denny's presentation at The Laurel Hill Association's Annual Meeting.