National Park Service profiles Laurel Hill Park

The U.S. Department of the Interior's National Park Service has featured Laurel Hill Park, the signature property of Laurel Hill Association, in a thoughtful piece entitled, "Laurel Hill Park in the Main Street Historic District of Stockbridge". It is filed under "Massachusetts Conservation" and details the history of the property, LHA and how its founders inspired the national civic preservation movement in 19th Century America.

For historical accuracy, we'd like to point out that in fact the Sedgwicks did not sell the property to LHA in 1853, nor did LHA give it to the town in 1878. The Sedgwicks transferred the title to LHA in 1878, and to this day LHA retains title, with the directive that the land be dedicated to the use and enjoyment of the public forever. 

We think it's a great read, but you can decide for yourself by finding it here: