2017 Photo Contest

The second Laurel Hill Association / Stockbridge Land Trust photo contest was wonderfully successful. Fifty-four photographers submitted a total of 270 submissions, almost twice as many as last year. We thank everyone who participated.

Each winning photo is printed on the front of a notecard, and a relevant quotation appears inside. The notecards are being sold in packets at these local merchants:

Berkshire Botanical Garden Visitor Center, Main Street Café, The Red Lion Inn Gift Shop, Stockbridge Coffee & Tea, Vlada Boutique, Williams & Sons

The winning photos were taken by Emilija Baksys of Quincy, MA; Glenna Blackwell of Great Barrington, MA; Shirley Blanchard of Stockbridge, MA; Candy Childrey of Coral Springs, FL; Olivia Kinne of Pittsfield, MA; William Mulvihill of Stockbridge, MA; Gabrielle Murphy of West Stockbridge, MA; Richard Lasner of Washington, DC and Stockbridge, MA; Jay Rhind of Stockbridge, MA; and James Selva of Housatonic, MA.

The honorable mention photos were taken by Lomesia Allen of Pittsfield, MA; Steve Blanchard of West Stockbridge, MA; Tammis Coffin of Lenox, MA; Jenna Crosier of Pittsfield, MA; Dana Goedewaagen of Glendale, MA; John Morse of Stockbridge, MA; Sandra Platczyc of Stockbridge, MA; Kitty Sheridan of Stockbridge, MA; Michael Stanton of Stockbridge, MA; and Patrick White of Stockbridge, MA.

Three volunteer judges, Michael Flower, Doug Munson, and Lionel Delevingne, selected the winning photos and the honorable mention photos. All the winning and honorable mention photos will be displayed on our website. An exhibition featuring the photos will be mounted at the Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives through September.