Our Supporters

The Laurel Hill Association gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their contributions between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022. If your name has been misspelled or inadvertently omitted, please contact us at info@laurelhillassociation.org or 413-298-2888.

$2500 and above

Kate and Hans Morris
Mary and Harvey Waller

$1ooo to $2400

Peter Acly
Phil and Hilary Deely
Nancy Fitzpatrick and Lincoln Russell
Patricia Flinn
Thomas Fynan, MD and William Loutrel
Ronald and Diana Garmey
Paula and Joe McNay
Jeryl and Stephen Oristaglio
Peggy and Joe Reiser
Jonathan Rosenblatt
Kim Saul and Jim Schantz
Sylvan Family Foundation:
Geoffrey Hammer and Leandro Vaysmann
Mark and Liz Williams

$500 to $999

Matthew Ailey
Lee Bolman and Joan Gallos
Julie and Barney Edmonds
Bridget and Donald Fawcett
Eric and Catherine Haines
Nancy Hickey
Ingrid and Jonathan Raab
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Kevin Truex

$250 to $499

Diane Austin
Lila Berle
Brian Broderick
Candy Childrey
Leslie Cook
Elisabeth Danish Wheeler
Marilyn Dee
Virginia and James Giddens
Intrepid Direct Insurance:
William Strout,
Nate Chastain,
Jacci Zach,
Justin Morgan and Chad Holmes
David and Jennie Jadow
Eve Klein
Nedra Koplin
Saranne Kosberg
Margaret A. Miller
Susan Morris
Carole Palermo Schulze
Sara Ruth Pasternak
The Phyllis A. and Harvey Klein Charitable Fund
Thomas and Alson-Milkman Charitable Fund

$100 to $249

Robert Alsop
Christine Baldridge
Mary Balle
Martin Baron
Dennis and Tracy Barquinero
Stuart Beck
Candace and Rick Beinecke
André and Jenni Bernard
Ed Tivnan and Marilyn Bethany
Sarah and Bronly Boyd
Stephanie and Carl Bradford
Joan Burkhard
Penny Butler
Amy and Brian Butterworth
David Chapman
Matthew Chester
Patricia Coates
Joseph, Steven and David Cohen
Catherine A. Daily
Helen and John Davies
Jonathan Denmark
Gene Fidell
First Sun Management:
Jackson Turner

Donor continued …

Steffi Fletcher
Katherine H. Fletcher and Thomas H. Stokes
Adaline Frelinghuysen
Jamie Gardner
Marion G.H. Gilliam
Paula and Gregory Gimblette
Erin Glasheen-Sheldon
Doug and Sara Goudey
Sue Griffis
Joan and Charles H. Gross
Suzanne and Gary Gulbranson
Scott and Ellen Hand
Eric and Carol Haythorne
Marilyn and Nathan Hayward III
Suzanne and Stuart Hirshfield
Sarah Horne and Alan Wilken
Valerie and Allen Hyman
IMA Financial Group:
Tim Smith and Becky Hammeke
Helga Kaiser
Patricia Kennelly
Holly and Roger Ketron
Christopher and Carolyn King
Anthony Knerr and Susan Kastler
Ed Lane
Edith Lasner
Caren and Richard Lobo
Louise Lonabocker
Yo-Yo Ma and Jill Hornor
Mahkeenac Heights Association
Dennis and Judith Mareb
Brian McBride
Elizabeth McCarthy
Barbara Boynton McCue
Faith Menken
Nancy and Tim Minkler
Amy Moffatt
Terry and Susan Moor
Dania Moss
Judy Moss
James and Liz Murray
Caitlin and Mitch Nash
Katherine Newey
James Obanhein
Barbara Orlando
Rosemary Orr
Christopher H.L. Owen
Eric Plakun
Phyllis Pollack
Isabel Rose
David Rosenthal
Irene Rosenzweig
Steve Ruskin
Pamela Sandler
Thomas Schuler
Marty Sennett
Eva Sheridan
Mark Siegars
JoAnne Spies
Corey Sprague
Bic Stevens
Liz Strand Cimini
Paul and Lenore Sundberg
Mary Talbot
Don Troy
Natalie Tublitz
Robert Turcotte
Cathy and Joe Turner
Judith Uman
Roberta Hope Waller
Jane Weber
Judith Wilkinson and Lionel Delevingne
Peter William
William and Sons Country Store
Karin Wiseman

$10 to $99

Dorothy Agar
Barbara Allen
Antonia Barry
Betty Bean
Constantine Beler
Lillian Bender

Friend Continued …

Irene Bernstein
Donna Besaw
Ilene Bliwise
Mary Boyce
Tamra and Michael Breitman
Margaret Camin
Christine Castellon
Lisa Chamberlain
Glen Cherry
Barbara Cooperman
Judith A. Culver
Debra and Paul Deres
Rachel Donner
Margaret Dotchin
Laura Dubester
Laurie Dubner
Patty and Marc Fadding
George Fletcher
Nancy Gallant
Bruce Gamble
Nancy Gilbert
Christine Goretti
Gussie and Peter Greer
Wendy Hart Beckman
Mary Hoeltzel
Joyce Hovey
Mary Howard
Edward Johnston
Armand Katz
Jerry Kirshenbaum
Celia de G. Kittredge
Ellen Rose Krasik
Marcia Kreindler
Laura Krich
Phil and Carol Laban
Joanne Lacey
Selina Lamb
John Lee
Gerald Levy
Barbara Mandell
Rodney McDaniel
James and Deborah McMenamy
Nancy and Michael Miller
Deborah Miller
Ann Marie and Scott Allen Miller
Mark Mills
Alice Model
Elissa Morris
Jan Moskowitz
Joseph Newberg
Dennis O’Brien
William Ortel
Christopher Pigott
Susan Price
Larry Promisel
Quality Restaurant Group:
Matt Zeiger,
Nicole Hethcox,
Julia Brown and Brandi Peck
Donald Quinn
Marie and Keith Raftery
Christine B. Rathbun
Chantal and Jay Rhind
Vlada Rousseff
Fred Rutberg
Patricia Salvadore
Christine Saurel
Roberta Shapiro
Audrey Shulman
Barbara Silverstein
Anna and Starbuck Smith
Deborah and Todd Snyder
Martin Stransky
Robert Sugarman
Valerie Takai
Carol Targum
Peter Ungaro
Joy Van Alstyne and Joseph DeGiorgis
Bill and Diane Vogt
Patrick White
Michael Wilcox
Judy and Manny Yvars