Our Supporters

Laurel Hill Association gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their contributions between Oct. 1, 2022 and Sept. 30, 2023. If your name has been misspelled or inadvertently omitted, please contact us at: 413-298- 2888 or info@laurelhillassociation.org.

$2500 and above

Jon Budish
David Rosenthal
Mary and Harvey Waller

$1ooo to $2400

Peter Acly
Russell and Kathy Ayres
Hilary Somers Deely and Phil Deely Patricia Flinn
Ron Garmey
Jane Iredale
Richard and Carol Seltzer
Mark and Liz Williams

$500 to $999

Lee Bolman and Joan Gallos
Brian Broderick
Carol Hill Albert and Chuck Reich
Claudia Cooke
Julie and Barney Edmonds
James Giddens
Eric and Catherine Haines
Phyllis Klein
Jonathan and Ingrid Raab
Peter Schoeffer
Robert Sedgwick
Kevin Truex

$250 to $499

Elizabeth Armstrong
Candy Childrey
Katherine H. Fletcher and Thomas H. Stokes
Sara Pasternak
Duncan Pollock
Peter and Joanna Strauss
Wendy Strothman
Roberta Waller
Berkshire Natural Resources Council
Thomas and Alson-Milkman Charitable Fund

$100 to $249

Marion Adler
Robert Alsop
Gary Bahler
Mary Balle
Stuart Beck
Candace and Rick Beinecke
Lillian Bender
Susan Berger-Jones
Glenn Bergman
Kathy and Larry Bolanowski Stephanie Bradford
Ronald and Cindy Brouker
Sarah Bullitt
Penny Butler
Jeffrey Caligari
Larry Carsman
Catherine Chester
Paul Coates
Joseph, Steven and David Cohen Andrew Cohen
Kelly Collins
Mahkeenac Heights Association
Peter Williams
Linda Zonana

Donor continued …

Kathleen Dolan
Frank Dolson
Laura Dubester
Diane Eshleman
Steffi Fletcher
Joanne and Terry Flynn
Kenneth Frank
Jamie Gardner
Doug Goudey
Sue Griffis
Joan Gross
Scott Hand
Stuart Hirshfield
Sarah Horne
Marilou Hyson
Leslie Ioffredo
Richard Jackson, Jr.Abbey Keith
Jerry Kirshenbaum
Anthony Knerr
Nedra Koplin
Earl Kramer
Edith Lasner
Vincent Lauten
Elias Lefferman
Louise Lonabocker
Dennis and Judith Mareb
Julie Margolies
Mike Matthews
Betsey McKearnan
Faith Menken
Timothy Minkler
Tom Mooney
Dania Moss
James Murray
Katherine Newey
William O’Donnell
James Obanhein
Christopher H.L. Owen
Matthew Penn
Eric Plakun
Phyllis Pollack
Joe and Lori Rose
Steve Ruskin
Jane Ryan
Jim Schantz
Michael Schoeman
Thomas Schuler
Marty Sennett
Terrance Shea
Erin Sheldon
Peter Sherman
Edward Silverstein
Deborah Smith
Corey Sprague
Stephen Stern
Lenore Sundberg
Valerie Takai
Natalie Tublitz
Robert Turcotte
Geri Turkington
Judith Uman
Diane and William Vogt
Elisabeth Wheeler
Richard Wilcox
Marilyn Dee

$10 to $99

Dorothy Agar
Barbara Allen
Christine Baldridge
Gail Beaudain
Irene Bernstein-Pechmeze
Ilene Bliwise
Joan Burkhard
Harriet Bussel
Maria Carr
Christine Castellon
Lisa Chamberlain
Patricia Coates
Carol Crigler
Helen Davies
Mary Edwards
Patty Fadding
George Fletcher
Amy Friedner
Beth Gamble
Paula Gimblette
Mary Glazer
Linda Greenhouse
Gary Gulbranson
Phyllis Hammer
Wendy Hart Beckman
Mary Hoeltzel
Armand Katz
Laura Krich
Philip Laban
Joanne LaceyJudith Levenfeld
Gerald Levy
Willow Mahoney
Rodney McDaniel
Suzanne McElroy
Deborah McMenamy
Daniel Michaels
Deborah Miller
Alice Model
Elissa Morris
Jan Moskowitz
Dennis O’Brien
Alan Papscun
Susan Price
Myra Promisel
Donald Quinn
Marc Rathbun
Brendan Reed
Charles Reich
Chantal Rhind
Vlada Rousseff
Fred Rutberg
Christine Saurel
Honey Sharp
Barbara Silverstein
Starbuck Smith
Rebecca Smith
Steven Targum
John Tedeschi
William Travers
Peter Ungaro
Joy Van Alstyne
Pieter Voorhees
Christopher White
Patrick White
Terry Wise
Marsh & McLennan Companies

Special appreciation…

In the course of a year, Laurel Hill Association receives donations of goods and services which help our budget and are appreciated deeply. Our thanks go to: LHA Trustee Brian Cruey and Naumkeag for their donation of tulip bulbs that blossomed this spring in frontof the Town Post Office. The Town Highway and Police Departments for all their support of LHA throughout the year! Kelly and Ricci Allessio for allowing use of their property to access a recent construction project on abutting LHA property. Josh Needleman of Chocolate Springs for so sweetly contributing to Laurel Hill Day a large and most delicious box of chocolates! Verne Tower for his work restoring the Butler Bench. Robert Wesley for mowing. Mary and Harvey Waller for allowing us to meet in their lovely restored barn at Orleton Farm. Kathy and Russ Ayres for hosting a reception at their gracious home. Arcadian Shop for the welcome repellant for Laurel Hill Day. Nejaime’s Wine Cellar for their donations of delicious beverages. Patricia Flinn and Patrick White for their graphic design efforts throughout the year. All of our volunteers!