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“Laurel Hill: The Last Billion Years” Nov. 4th @ 4 PM Stockbridge Library

In recent geological terms, around 22,000 years ago, ice covered all of New England and extended south to Long Island, NY. The ice sheet was up to 2 miles thick, much of the Ocean’s water was taken up by the massive sheets of ice which caused sea level to fall by at least 400 feet. When the ice retreated Laurel Hill, Ice Glen and surrounding features emerged into watery sun light.

Childs’ Keynote Speech, Laurel Hill Day 2023

Greetings Laurel Hill Associates and friends of Stockbridge. The big day has arrived. I am humbled and honored to be standing at this historic rostrum to share some remarks that will connect me both to the illustrious history of all those famous speakers who have gone before. I will also attempt to tie these remarks to the time and place on this Earth within which we find ourselves today!

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