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An Interview with Pat Flinn – The Institutional History of the Laurel Hill Association

Pat Flinn moved to Stockbridge with her parents in 1959 when she was 15 years old. She graduated from Williams High School and earned her BA from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. Pat has been on the board of the Laurel Hill Association for 40 years, the last 36 as Recording Secretary. Her home on Park Street abuts Laurel Hill Park, and is down the street from the Mary Flynn, Ice Glen, and Laura’s Tower trails. Pat grew up surrounded by the natural and historical setting of Laurel Hill. The keeper of deep knowledge, Pat is known as the institutional history of the Laurel Hill Association.

2021 Laurel Hill Day

Laurel Hill Day started out a reasonably warm, but overcast day. The precipitation forecast for the afternoon was 20%, but we were confident it would not rain on our big day. As 2:00 PM approached, attendees arrived and took their seats. The chairs had been spread wide across the grassy glen so as to be “Socially Distant” on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people wore masks for additional protection. (The Delta Variant had caused a surge of infection recently.) The landscape clearing done as part of the Park Restoration Project allowed the chairs to be spread out easily. For the first time, an effective loudspeaker system had been installed for the day. All attendees could hear, no matter where they were seated.

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