Thank you to the 2023 Earth Day volunteers for another successful Earth Day!

Julia Rhind shown here in these photos doing her part for LHA and Earth Day! Photos by Jay Rhind

2022 Earth Day Volunteers

  • Bob Bartle
  • Jeremy and Julian Beadell
  • Laura Beasley
  • Gail Beaudain and Jeff Baumwell
  • André
  • Bernard
  • Alyssa Blumenthal
  • Ann and Dave Bone
  • Sarah Boyd
  • Bob Bugley
  • Catherine and Matthew Chester
  • Stephanie Chiera
  • Holly Colman
  • Phil and Hillary Deely
  • Susan Doerr
  • Laura Dubester
  • Stew Edelstein
  • Julie and Barney Edmonds
  • Kate Fletcher
  • Pat Flinn
  • Misha Forrester
  • Jane Goodrich
  • Gary and Sue Gulbrannson
  • Patti Harper
  • John Hart
  • Margit Hotchkiss
  • Susie Kaufman
  • Rachel Haigh Kinney
  • Chris Kupernick
  • Shelby Marshall
  • Sheila Martin
  • Deb McMenamy
  • Thomas Mesquita
  • Mark and Nancy Mills
  • Jamie Minacci
  • Laurie Norton Moffatt
  • Larry, Katherine, Chantal, Patty, Roger & Luke Newey
  • Marie and Keith Raftery
  • Jay & Chantal Rhind and family
  • Emmajean Romback
  • Martin Sennett
  • Gary and Paula Shalan
  • Jim Schantz and Kim Saul
  • Steve and Leslie Shatz
  • Jane and Terry Shea
  • Buck and Anna Smith
  • Peter and Nancy Socha
  • Lenore and Paul Sundberg
  • Laurie Tang
  • Andy Talbot and Amy Johnson
  • Pieter Voorhees Jr
  • Lis Wheeler
  • Patrick White
  • Terry Wise
  • Jeremy Zaccaro
  • Rena Zurofsky

Thanks again for being such conscientious citizens of our beautiful town and our planet.

Lis Wheeler — Earth Day Coordinator, LHA Trustee

Rattlesnake Mountain Road.  Photo by Nancy Socha

Leah and Zoe Chester helping out. Photo by Catherine and Matt Chester

A Haiku by Shelby Marshall:

Earth Day Roadside Cleanup

The sun on me: warm
When the wind blows, it is cold
Earth Day: pick up trash

Butler Road.  Photo by Jim Schantz