Our Donors & Members

Laurel Hill Association thanks the following generous donors who contributed to the 2018 annual appeal. To become a member of LHA, simply make a donation in any amount. Kindly let us know if we have inadvertently omitted or misspelled your name.

2018 Annual Appeal Donors

Conservator ($5,000 and above)

Steward ($1,000 – $4,999)
Jon & Sara Budish

Laureate ($500 – $999)
Robert Baum
Ann and Weston Hicks
Dr. Victoria Sujata

Benefactor ($250 – $499)
Russell and Kathy Ayres
Julie and Barney Edmonds
Teddi and Ted Hunter
Marilou and John Hyson
Karl Lange
Jim and Liz Murray
Jonathan and Ingrid Raab
Terrence & Jane Shea
Aso Tavitian/Tavitian Foundation

Sustainer ($100 – $249)
Adrienne Albert
Berkshire Natural Resources Council
Pamela & Andy Breslin
Sarah and Bronly Boyd
Peter & Joan Coombs
Ruth Dinerman
Patricia Flinn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gross
Susie and Stuart Hirshfield
Sarah Horne and Alan Wilken
Gordon and Carole Hyatt
Valerie & Allen HymanDavid and Jennie Jadow
Vincent Lauten
Steffi Lenchiner
Nancy & Tim Minkler
Craig & Laurie Norton Moffatt
Lisa Morehouse and Jeff Bell
Rosemary Orr
Christopher Pigott
Dede and Marc Rathbun
Isabel Rose and Stephen Stern
Ivan Rosa & Pamela Jacobs
Michael & Linda Schoeman
Marty Sennett and Chris Ferrero
Lee Sheldon and Erin Glasheen-Sheldon
Peter Sherman
James Silverman
Corey and Mark Sprague

Supporter ($50 – $99)
Anne Auberjonois & Sebastian Bonner
Christine and Mark Baldridge
Antonia Barry
Mary Berle
Donna Besaw
Lester and Ilene Bliwise
Michael and Tammy Breitman
William Briggs
Susan and Joseph Bubenas
Lisa and Eric Chamberlain
Lynn Villency Cohen
John and Helen Davies
Mary Edwards
Gregory and Diane Eshleman
Steven Gallant
David Resnik & Elizabeth Gellhorn
Virginia and James Giddens
Dr. Richard and Nedra Koplin
Daniel & Julie Harris
Laura and Steven Krich
Deb and Jim McMenany
Deborah Miller
Joseph Newberg & Alice Melnikoff
Edith Pasalis & Candace Currie
Wray Gunn and Cora Portnoff
Keith & Marie Raftery
C.C. Raymond
Chuck Reich & Carol Hill Albert
Bruce Auerbach & Robin Richman
Vlada Rousseff
Merrill Sanderson
Christine Saurel
Don and Rosie Schneyer
Stanley and Roberta Shapiro
Barbara Silverstein
Jack Teich
George Turkington
Peter Ungaro and Patty Caya
Marie Noel Westgate
Kathleen and Patrick White
Claire Williams
Joan and Peter Williams
Deborah Wiswesser

Barbara Allen
Martin Bookspan
Carl and Stephanie Bradford
Maria Carr
Barbara Cohen-Hobbs
Jay and Laurie Dubner
Laura Dubester
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson, Jr.
Ed and Nancy Johnston
Phil and Carol Laban
Helen McCormick
James & Suzanne McElroy
Charles Murray
William Ortel
Michael Pelle
Gary Pitney
Myra and Larry Promisel
Elizabeth Rowe and Glen Cherry
Frederic Rutberg and Judith Monachina
David & Virginia Schneider
Helen Silverman
Joanne Spies
Robert Sanders
Carol and Steven Targum
Robert & Natalie Tublitz
Stanley and Bernice Ulanoff
Rhoda White
Jonathan and Judi Williams




2016-2017 Donors
Laureate ($500 - $4,999)

Adrienne Albert in memory of Oskar Brecher
Ann & Weston Hicks
Allen Hyman
George Manley/Taggart House
Red Lion Inn (in kind donation)
Sirois Family
Michele Sirois
Dr. Victoria Sujata
Robert and Elisabeth Wilmers 

Benefactor ($250 - $499)
James Daily and Catherine Daily
Lionel Delevingne and Judy Wilkinson
Dave Gilmore and LuAnn Gilmore
Gege and John Kingston
Karl Lange
Caren Lobo and Richard Lobo
Elizabeth McCarthy and Brian O'Leary
Ramelle Pulitzer and Michael Pulitzer
Jonathan Raab and Ingrid Raab
Red Lion Inn
Jane and Terry Shea
Aso Tavitian

Patron ($100 - $249)
35-37 Interlaken Road LLC
Judith Abdalla
Martin Baron
Anonia Barry
Lila Berle
Mary Blanchard Balle
Lillian Bender
Sarah and Bronly Boyd
William Briggs
Deborah Buccino and Eric Plakun
Joseph and Phyllis Cohen
Joesph Cohen
Barbara Cooperman
Marilyn Dee and Michael Dee
Phil Deely and Hilary Deely
Lionel Delevingne and Judith Wilkerson
John and Janet DePiero
Ruth Dinerman
Jim and Rosemarie Dolson
Christopher DuBois
Kate Fletcher and Tom Stokes
Patricia Flinn
Thomas Fynan
Paula and Greg Gimblette
Lee and Erin Glasheen-Sheldon
Sara and Douglas Goudey
Charles H. and Joan Gross
Suzanne and Gary Gulbranson
Mary Harrison
Susie and Stuart Hirshfield
Sarah Horne and Alan Wilken
Cynthia Kaplan
Helga Orthofer Kaiser
Phyllis and Harvey Klein
Manu Kingston and Lyndsey Hamilton
Cheryl Hutto
Phyllis Klein and Harvey Klein
Anthony Knerr
Joel Laski and Lloyd Johnson
Ben and Sharon Liptzin
Louise Lonabocker
Mahkeenac Height Association
Shelby and Karen Marshall
Leonard and Barbara McCue
Betsey McKearnan
Mediated Solution/Mark Siegars
Faith Menken
Nancy and Tim Minkler
Susan Morris
Jim Murray and Liz Murray
Dede Rathbun and Marc Rathbun
Peggy Reiser and Charles Cooney
Isabel Rose and Stephen Stern
Linda and Frank Russell
David Rosenthal & Martha Sawyer in memory of Elodie Sawyer
Pamela Sandler
Carol Seltzer and Richard Seltzer
Jim Shantz and Kim Saul
Marty Sennett & Chris Ferrero
William and Eva Sheridan III
Peter Sherman
Corey Sprague and Mark Sprague
Bill and Diane Vogt
Chris and Jane White
White Family
Jay and Terry Wise
Linda and Howard Zonana
Berkshire Natural Resources Council
Steve and Nancy Gallant Charitable Gift Fund

Family ($50 - $99)
Larry and Janet Ackerman
Marion Adler
Barbara and Gary Allen
Robert and Helen Alsop
Al and Mickie Ayari
Christine Baldridge and Mark Baldridge
Stuart and Joanne Beck
Sally Begley
Berkshire Hills Regional School District
Sheldon Birnhak
Lester Bliwise and Ilene Bliwise
Carl & Stephanie Bradford
Lois Breault-Melican
Michael and Tammy Breitman
Jack and Cindy Brown
Susan and Joseph Bubenas
Joan and Dan Burkhart
Andrew Cohen
Helen Davies, Molly Mazzone, Valerie Takei
Laura Dubester
Mary and Bob Edwards
Catherine Faber
Russell and Patty Fadding
Estanne Abraham Fawer
Steffi Fletcher
Brue and Mary Elizabeth Gambel
Virginia and James Giddens
Gene Fidell and Laura Greenhouse
Kenneth Frank and Linda Frank
Gary and Suzanne Gulbranson
Rachel Haigh Kinney In Memory Of Maddie Palmer
Iris Stein Korman and Louis Korman
Randolph Hawthorne
Stuart and Susie Hirshfield
Mary Hoeltzel
Joyce Hovey
Gordon and Carole Hyatt
Richard Jackson
Edward and Nancy Johnston
Robert Kaplan & Maria Cabral
Rachel Haigh Kinney In Memory Of Mother, Maddie
Jerry and Susan Kirshenbaum
Dr. Richard and Nedra Koplin
Janet and Earl Kramer
Laura and Steven Krich
Vincent Lauten
Richard and Joanne Lacey
Toby Levine and Andy Levine
Judith and Sydney Levine

Deb and Jim McMenamy
John Miller
Gary Miller and Charlotte Underwood-Miller
Deborah Miller
Mark and Nancy Mills
Alan and Alice Model
Christopher Morris
Christopher and Elissa Morris
John and Lynda Morse
Jan and Harold Moskowitz
Dania Moss
Laurence and Katherine Newey
Teresa and Alan O'Brient
Rosemary Orr
Christopher H.L. Owen in memory of Stanley Loomis
Richard Pasternak
Christopher Pigott and Christine Martin
Gary Pitney
Keith Raftery and Marie Raftery
Christine Rasmussen and Erik Rasmussen
C.C. Raymond
Laurie and Al Richman
Dann and Nancy Rinsma
Jean Rousseau and Georgeanne Rousseau
Bernard Ryan
Jane Ryan
Pamela Sandler Architect
Christine Saurel
Dan and Pat Schwartz
Stanley and Roberta Shapiro
Starbuck Smith
John Spencer, Jr.
Paul and Lenore Sundberg
Eugene and Shirley Talbot
Carol Targum and Steven Targum
Jack and Janet Teich
Judith Uma and Michael Goodman

Peter Ungaro and Patty Caya
Joy Van Alstyne and Joe DeGiorgis
Diane and William Vogt
Richard Wilcox and Joyce Butler
Joan Williams and Peter Williams
Claire Williams
Jonathan and Judi Williams
Joan and Peter Williams
Robert Wiseman
Linda & Howard Zonana

Anonymous Donor, Roslindale, MA
Anonymous Donor, Tabling Event, Stockbridge, MA

Barbara Allen
Eleanore Aronoff
Irene Bernstein
Charles and Maryann Blaine
Martin Bookspan
Mary Boyce
ML Carr
John & Michelle Cassella
Rachel Donner
Jay and Laurie Dubner
Gregory and Diane Eshleman
Robert Feuer
Sarah Sedgwick Ginocchio
Mary Green
David and Terri Handler
Wendy Hart (Nielson) Beckman
Gloria & Armand Katz
Philip Laban
Phil and Carol Laban
Leonardo Lemos Rodrigues
Barbara Mandell
Peter Metz
John & Linda Morse
Anthony and Christi Nordoff
Dennis O'Brien
Teresa O'Brient and Alan O'Brient
William Ortel
Susan Price
Myra Promisel and Larry Promisel
Chantal Rhind
James Riordan
Bonnie Rosenberg
Vlada Rousseff
Elizabeth Rowe and Glen Cherry
In Memory of William Sedgwick
Barbara Silverstein
Joan Sickler
Helen Silverman
Joan & Angelo Sinisi
Carol and Steven Targum
Sarah Tyler
Stanley Ulanoff and Bernice Ulanoff
Kathy White