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Our Supporters

The Laurel Hill Association thanks the following generous donors who have contributed to LHA in 2021. If you’d like to make a donation, click the green “Support Us” button at the top of your screen. We truly appreciate your support!

Donations listed are as of 04/20/21. Kindly let us know if we inadvertently omitted or misspelled your name so we can promptly make a correction.

2020 Donors

Steward ($1,000 and above)

Peter Acly and Ellen Robinson
Angela Cason
Hilary and Phil Deely
John W. Field Tree Service, Inc.
Pat Flinn
Carol Palermo Schultz
Mark Williams

Laureate ($500 and above)

Lee Bolman and Joan Gallos
Joseph and Susan Bubenas
Lionel Delevingne and Judith Wilkinson
James and Virginia Giddens
Michael and Ramelle Pulitzer
Jim Schantz and Kim Saul
Richard and Carol Seltzer
Victoria Sujata

Benefactor ($250 and above)

William Baker Jr.
Carliss Baldwin and Randolph Hawthorne
Barney and Julie Edmonds
Adaline Frelinghuysen
Thomas Fynan
Evie Klein and Bob Owens
Yo-Yo Ma and Jill Horner
Mark Siegars
Harvey and Mary Waller
Christopher and Jane White

Sustainer ($100 and above)

Judith Abdalla
Robert and Helen Alsop
Robert Baum
Frederick Beinecke
Andre Bernard
Marilyn Bethany
Ronald and Cynthia Brouker
Linda and David Burghardt
Dan and Joan Burkhard
The Cohen Family
Charles Cooney and Peggy Reiser
Michael and Marilyn Dee
Frank Dolson
Laura Dubester
Eugene Fidell and Linda Greenhouse
Lisa Gamble
Doug and Sara Goudey
Charles and Joan Gross
Scott Hand
Nathan Hayward III
Peter Sherman
Stuart and Susanne Hirshfield
Alan and Sarah Wilken
Celia de G. Kittredge
Earl and Janet Kramer
Ed and Barbara Lane
Elias Lefferman
Faith Menken
Timothy and Nancy Minkler
James and Elizabeth Murray
Larry and Katherine Newey
James and Kimberly Obanhein
Rosemary Orr
Matthew Levine and Sara Pasternak
Marc and Dede Rathbun
Fred Rutberg and Judith Monachina
Pamela Sandler
Arthur and Ginger Schwartz
Terrance and Jane Shea
Lee and Erin Sheldon
Len Sigal
Bic Stevens
Paul and Lenore Sundberg
Robert Turcotte
George and Geri Turkington
Peter Ungaro and Patty Caya

Friends (up to $99)

Carol Hill Albert
Stuart and Joanne Beck
Irene Bernstein
Donna Besaw
Tammy and Michael Breitman
Jack and Cindy Brown
Deborah Buccino and Eric Plakun
Christine Castellon
Lisa Chamberlain
Glen Cherry and Elizabeth Rowe
Andrew and Jane Cohen
Barbara Cooperman
Joe DeGiorgis and Joy Van Alstyne
Peter and Diane Dillon
Jay and Laurie Dubner
Robert and Mary Edwards
Gregory and Diane Eshleman
Russell and Patty Fadding
Robert and Mary Feuer
Steffi Fletcher
Bruce and Beth Gamble
Elizabeth Gellhorn
George and Nini Gilder
Sue Griffis
Gary and Suzanne Gulbranson
Wray Gunn and Cora Portnoff
Richard and Linda Jackson
Edward and Nancy Johnston
Cynthia Kaplan
Armand and Gloria Katz
Iris Stein Korman
Philip and Carol Laban
Mary Lou Lange
Vincent and Elizabeth Lauten
Richard and Cindy Levin
Barbara Mandell
Shelby and Karen Marshall
Helen McCormick
Rodney McDaniel
James and Suzanne McElroy
James and Deborah McMenamy
Mary Ann Miles
Michael and Nancy Miller
Deborah Miller
Gary and Charlotte Miller
Christopher and Elissa Morris
Harold and Jan Moskowitz
Charles Murray
Ben Northrup
Dennis O’Brien
Christopher and Christine Martin
Don Chabon and Anne Rabinowitz
Christine Rathbun
C.C. Raymond
Jay and Chantal Rhind
James Riordan
Bonnie Rosenberg
Vlada Rousseff
Amy Sales
Don and Rosemary Schneyer
Robert Sedgwick and Nan Fawcett
Joan Sickler
Barbara Silverstein
Angelo and Joan Sinisi
Starbuck and Anna Smith
Steven and Carol Targum
Marc and Janet Teich
Natalie Tublitz
William and Diane Vogt
Pieter Voorhees
Charles Wales
Michael Wilcox
Jay and Terry Wise