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Our Donors

Laurel Hill Association thanks the following generous donors who contributed to the 2020 annual appeal. To become a member of LHA, simply make a donation in any amount. Kindly let us know if we inadvertently omitted or misspelled your name.

2020 Donors

Steward ($1,000 and above)

Sarah and Jon Budish
Pat Flinn in memory of Edwin and Marie Fandel Flinn

Laureate ($500 and above)

Kathy and Russell Ayres
Natalie Pope Boyce
Carliss Baldwin and Randolph Hawthorne
Laura Dubester
Elizabeth McCarthy and Daniel O’Leary
The Sherman Family
The Sedgwick Family/Helen Torelli
Michele and Tom Sirois
Patrick White in memory of Russ and Ronnie White

Benefactor ($250 and above)

Martin Baron
Susan and Joe Bubenas
Michael Cavanaugh
Julie and Barney Edmonds
Carole and Gordon Hyatt
Ingrid and Jonathan Raab
Kim Saul and Jim Schantz
Ranella and Dan Saul
Jane and Terry Shea
Kevin Truex and Frank Burnes
Judith Wilkinson and Lionel Delevingne

Sustainer ($100 and above)

Judith Abdalla
Mary Balle
Robert Baum
Lillian Bender
Joan and Dan Burkhard
Joyce Butler and Rick Wilcox
Lynn Villency Cohen
Hilary and Phil Deely
Chris Ferrero and Marty Sennett
Sara and Doug Goudey
Linda Greenhouse and Gene Fidell
Joan and Charles Gross
Nathan Hayward, III
Susanne and Stuart Hirshfield
Marilou and John Hyson
Jenny and David Jadow
Celia de G. Kittredge in memory of George B. de Gersdorff
Pat and Harvey Klein
Elias Lefferman, Ph.D.
Richard Lobo
Karen and Shelby Marshall
Barbara and Leonard McCue
Deborah and James McMenamy
Shirley Miller
Liz and Jim Murray
Rosemary Orr
Dr. Sara Pasternak and Matthew Levine in memory of Dr. Richard and Laura Pasternak
Matthew and Candace Penn
Shirley Pion and Edward Burke
Alice Ragan
Dede and Marc Rathbun in memory of Dr. Mrs. Paul Miner
Roberta and Stanley Shapiro
Eva and William Sheridan
Mark and Corey Sprague
Jamie Gardner and Jonathan Stern
Lenore and Paul Sundberg
Williams and Sons/Teresa and Alan O’Brient
Karin and Robert Wiseman

Supporter/Friend (up to $99)

Jan and Larry Ackerman
Christine Baldridge
Joanne and Stuart Beck
Tammy and Michael Breitman
Deborah Buccino and Eric Plakun
Marcia Cabral
Maria Carr
Christine Castellon
Glen Cherry
Patricia Coates
Carol Crigler and Fred Siegal
Helen Davies, Molly Mazzone and Valerie Takai in memory of Herbert Conrad Lakin
Frank Dolson
Mary and Robert Edwards
Diane and Gregory Eshleman
Shep Evans
Catherine Faber
Mary and Robert Feuer
Steffi Fletcher
Nancy and Steve Gallant
Beth and Bruce Gamble
Paula and Greg Gimblette
Christine Goretti
Joyce Hovey
Cheryl Hutto and Belle Fox-Martin
Janet and Donald Johnston
Nancy and Edward Johnston
Helga Kaiser
Steffi and Ron Kaprov
Gloria & Armand Katz
Susan and Jerry Kirshenbaum
Laura and Steven Krich
Steffi Lenchiner
Cindy and Richard Levin
Christine Martin and Chris Pigott
Rodney McDaniel
Suzanne and James McElroy
Deborah Miller
Nancy and Mark Mills
Constance and John Montgomery
Robin Moyer
Charles Murray
Dennis O’Brien
Edith Pasalis and Candace Currie
Cora Portnoff and Wray Gunn
Myra Promisel
Christine Rathbun
Elizabeth Rowe and Glen Cherry
Pat and Marty Salvadore
Christine Saurel
Anna and Starbuck Smith
Maureen Spollen
Joy Van Alstyne and Joe DeGiorgis
Charles Wales
Kathy White
Michael Forbes Wilcox
Peter Williams
Linda and Howard Zonana