Three parcels owned by the Association are leased to the Stockbridge Golf Club and are used as part of the golf course. The Housatonic River flows through these parcels, which are prone to seasonal flooding. The three parcels are:

  1. Tuckerman Meadow (holes 1, 13, 14, 15) – south of West Main Street
  2. Dwight Meadow (holes 2, 3, 4) – north of West Main Street
  3. Deely Parcel (hole 11) – along the north end of Cherry Street

Both the Tuckerman Meadow, 31 acres, and the Dwight Meadow, 14 acres, came to the Association under the will of Emily Tuckerman dated December 31, 1920. At the time, both were already under lease to the Club. The will contains conditions prohibiting building erection and business or trade use.

The Deely Parcel, 1.4 acres, was given to the Association by Patricia Sayre Johnson Deely on August 30, 1985.

Size. 46.4 acres in total


River plains north and south of West Main Street, and between Cherry Street and the Housatonic River.


Starting at the Red Lion Inn, head west on Main Street/Route 102. Continue straight onto West Main Street when Route 102 turns to the right onto Church Street. In a very short distance, the Tuckerman Meadow (left/south) and the Dwight Meadow (right/north) will come into view. Continue west over the green bridge and turn left/south onto Cherry Street for the Deely Parcel, on the left along the river.

Stockbridge Center
Acquisition Date:
December 31, 1920
Willed to the Laurel Hill Association by Emily Tuckerman. Additional parcel given by Patricia Sayre Johnson Deeley in 1985.