This small park is the trailhead to three trails located on the other/south side of the Housatonic River, accessed by crossing the Goodrich Memorial footbridge:

The property was sold to Laurel Hill for $50 by Mary [Hopkins] Goodrich et. al. by deed dated December 29, 1894. The transfer was confirmed by a deed from Arthur Goodrich, by his guardian, Martha Goodrich, dated January 25, 1895. In 2015, the indistinct boundaries will be solidified by agreement with the abutting landowner.

The Trolley. The property is crossed by an abandoned right-of-way granted to the Berkshire Street Railway on March 20, 1902, and a right-of-way for a gas line to the Berkshire Gas Company on June 14, 1965. The trolley ran from 1902 to 1930. The old trolley bridge stone abutments can be seen to the left of the footbridge and on the other side of the river. The little building at the beginning of Park Street was the trolley ticket office. See the picture below of the original Memorial Bridge and a trolley crossing the street railway trestle, photo by David Milton Jones, courtesy of the Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives.

Size. 0.17 acres


Crescent of land at the Park Street cul-de-sac, bounded on the north by Laurel Hill and on the east by the Housatonic River.


Starting at the Red Lion Inn, head south on South Street/Route 7. Turn left/east onto Park Street at the Mobil Gas Station. Parking is available at the cul-de-sac (3/10 mi.)

Stockbridge Center
Acquisition Date:
December 29, 1894
A gift from Mary Goodrich et al