Railroad Station Park is situated between the railroad station property and the Housatonic River.

On December 15, 1882 Amelia Ashburner sold a parcel of land at the railroad station to the Association for $370. A number of confusing transfers followed. A survey done in 2008 established the Association’s bounds.

The oddly shaped property is divided by Depot Road. The portion south of Depot Road is roughly the northern half of the mowed grass area in front of the station building. This area is used as exhibition space on special request. The portion from Depot Road north to the river is open meadow. There is also a very long, narrow fringe of land extending 1,175 feet east along the river, separating Stockbridge Fuel from the river. There is an access drive to Stockbridge Fuel across Association property.

Size. 1.7 acres


Grass and meadow areas in front of the railroad station, bounded by Route 7 on the west, the Housatonic River on the north, Stockbridge Fuel on the east, and the station property on the south.


Starting at the Red Lion Inn, head south on South Street/Route 7. Pass the Mobil Station on the left, go over the Housatonic River Bridge, and take an immediate left onto Depot Road (gravel).

Stockbridge Center
Acquisition Date:
December 15, 1882
Purchased from Amelia Ashburner