The Sedgwick Reservation is the Association’s largest property. It is completely wooded, comprising mostly old-stand timber. Except for the portion along the railroad tracks and river, it is all up-slope to the ridge running east of Ice Glen. This property has two of the Association’s most popular trails (see below). The property was given by Lydia C. R. Sedgwick on August 29, 1932, “that it may be held for the beauty of the village of Stockbridge as a memorial to her late husband Alexander Sedgwick.”

Conservation Restriction. None


  • Laura’s Tower Trail – This trail is an old favorite. It leads uphill through the woods to a metal tower with distant views at the top of the ridge. Laura was David Dudley Field’s daughter-in-law.
  • Mary V. Flynn Trail –This trail is relatively new. It was constructed in 2003 as the Association’s 150th Anniversary project. Built on the bed of the old Berkshire Street Railway trolley line, it is handicapped accessible and goes east along the Housatonic River. It was named for the first woman President of the Association.

Size. 230.0 acres


Bounded on the north by the Housatonic River and the railroad, the top of the ridge on the south, on the east by State property, and on the west by Ice Glen.


Starting at the Red Lion Inn, head south on South Street/Route 7. Turn left/east onto Park Street at the Mobil Gas Station. Parking is available at the cul-de-sac (3/10 mile). Cross the footbridge. On the left is the Mary Flynn Trail. Over the railroad tracks is the start of the Laura’s Tower Trail.

Stockbridge Center
Related Properties:
Laura’s Tower Trail
Mary V. Flynn Trail
Acquisition Date:
August 29, 1932
A gift from Lydia C. R. Sedgwick