Upper Bowkers Woods is a simple, quiet stand across from the Rockwell Museum. It is completely wooded and has a small vernal pool called Cinderella’s Pond, which has been identified as having some endangered species. This property was one of several parcels acquired via trust from the will of Robert R. Bowker, one of the founders of the American Library Association. The original parcel was conveyed to the Association on November 27, 1941. Portions along Mohawk Lake Road were sold in the 1940s.

Conservation Restriction. None. (There are restrictions on one of the sold parcels concerning tree cutting.)

Trails. There is an old, indistinct trail that goes northwest from the pond. It extended over to Mohawk Lake Road, but crosses one of the sold parcels and is now private property.

Size. 12.6 acres


Across from the entrance to the Norman Rockwell Museum. Bounded on the east by Glendale Road/Route 183, and on the north, south, and west by private property.


Starting at the Red Lion Inn, head west on Main Street/Route 102. Stay on Route 102 about 2 miles to the Route 102/183 intersection (blinking light). Turn left/south onto Route 183. About ¾ of a mile on the left is the entrance to the Norman Rockwell Museum. Across the street you will see Cinderella’s Pond. Pull off the road to park.

Related Properties:
Lower Bowker’s Woods
Acquisition Date:
November 27, 1941
From the trust of Robert R. Bowker