The West Dale Preserve is a pristine parcel on the western approach to Stockbridge. It features an expansive meadow, a variety of trees and animals, and a climb to a wooded ridge with views across the valley to Prospect Hill. The parcel abuts 310 acres of Town-owned land.

This is one of the Association’s newest acquisitions. It was purchased from Virginia Loveless in a deed filed August 13, 2014. The Loveless family approached the Association to preserve the land’s open state. This was the third property procured via joint preservation efforts with the Stockbridge Land Trust, which split the cost 50/50 with the Association.

Conservation Restriction. None at present. But one is mentioned in the deed: “Subject to the [Association] recording a permanent Conservation Restriction on said property prohibiting any building or above ground improvements, except for two parking areas…; until…such Conservation Restriction is recorded, [the Association] shall not sell, transfer, convey or encumber said property.”

Trails. None at this time. There is great potential for trails to the ridge vistas and links to other trails such as Yokun Ridge to the north.

Size. 35.64 acres


Near and southwest of the junction of Route 102 and West Dale Road. Bounded on the north by Route 102, on the east by West Dale Road, and by the ridge on the west. To the south is privately-owned land.


Starting at the Red Lion Inn, head west on Main Street/Route 102. Stay on Route 102 about 2 miles to the Route 183 intersection (blinking light), and continue another ½ mile past the Berkshire Botanical Garden. Turn left onto West Dale Road, the second left after Route 183. The parcel is the wide open meadow 1/10 mile on the right/west. There is no parking at present. (Two areas are proposed: on West Dale Road, and about a quarter of a mile further west along Route 102 on the meadow left /south.)

Acquisition Date:
August 13, 2014
Purchase from Virginia N. Loveless split 50/50 with Stockbridge Land Trust