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Ice Glen - photo by Peter Wise
Ice Glen - photo by Peter Wise

Laurel Hill Association of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, founded in 1853, is the oldest existing village improvement society in the United States. The organization's purpose is to do “such things as shall serve to improve the quality of life and of the environment in the town of Stockbridge.” Activities include maintaining Association properties, planting trees and flowers, and cooperating with town authorities and other organizations for community welfare.


The Coins of 1853

The year was 1853. Laurel Hill Association was founded. A total of 13 types of coins were minted by the United States that year, though many of them were issued from multiple locations.

2016 Annual Appeal Raised Over $15,000

Laurel Hill Association's 2016 Annual Appeal raised over $15,000 from nearly 200 donors. The donations ranged from $5 to $1,000. Approximately 60% of donations came from a local address (full- or part-time residents who maintain a PO Box in Stockbridge or Glendale and those with mailing addresses in Lenox or West Stockbridge).

LHA / SLT Photo Contest

The Laurel Hill Association and Stockbridge Land Trust (SLT) are launching our second annual free photo contest. Anyone can submit up to ten photos of Stockbridge landscapes (or closeups!), in any season, by March 31, 2017 – including photos taken before now.

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