Current Projects

Properties and Trails

Laurel Hill Association maintains over 460 acres throughout the Town available for recreation. Trails include the Laura's Tower Trail, the Ice Glen Trail (owned by the Town), the Upper and Lower Bowker's Woods Trails, the trail on Laurel Hill itself, and the Mary V. Flynn Trail.

Laurel Hill Association also maintains the flowers and plantings at the Post Office, the Cat and Dog Fountain, the Civil War Memorial, the Watering Trough, and the Jonathan Edwards Monument. In 2014 LHA employed Valerie Locher and her team of roving horticulturists to plant and maintain these beautiful gardens.

Property Enhancement in 2014

Native Habitat Restoration continued to remove invasive species from the Mary Flynn Trail, the Larrywaug property, and Lower Bowker's Wood trail in Glendale to allow native plants and animals to reclaim the land that had been over run with invasive plants.

LHA repaired footbridges on the Mary Flynn Trail. Volunteers repaired the cement steps on Laura's Tower.

New Properties in 2014

Ms. Joan Byron of Andover, CT, donated her family's land located at 5A Glendale Road. This 7-acre parcel will be a fine addition to the 4 Corners properties.

LHA purchased—in partnership with the Stockbridge Land Trust—approximately 35 acres on Route 102 and West Dale Road. This property—formally known as the Loveless property—will provide access to Town land on West Stockbridge Mountain with its views of Prospect Hill and Stockbridge village.

Laurel Hill Association also teamed with the Stockbridge Land Trust to acquire over 10 acres from the Kiggen family. This parcel, located at 17–19 South Street, is currently owned by the Stockbridge Land Trust. In 2015 a team of trustees from both organizations plans to develop a 4-acre trade parcel that will allow this parcel to be returned to the tax rolls in a manner that will protect the scenic approach to town and protect the area's watershed.

Activities in 2014

Laurel Hill Day was celebrated on Sunday, August 17, 2014, outdoors at the Rostrum on Laurel Hill. Rene Wendell from the Trustees of Reservations property, Bartholomew's Cobble, gave a presentation about reptiles. Mr. Wendell brought several reptiles, discussed them, and encouraged participants to touch and hold them.

In January 2015, Laurel Hill Association hosted our annual meeting at Saint Paul's Church. Karen Marshall, board member of the Stockbridge Library Museum & Archive, gave a presentation about Stockbridge Cemetery, describing its historical relationship with Laurel Hill Association and discussing several of the many interesting people who are buried there.

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