Homage to the Afterlife: Saturday Nov. 2, 4-8pm at the Rostrum

Laurel Hill Assocation is honored to be hosting the Homage to the Afterlife event on Saturday, November 2 from 4pm to 8pm. This event is being planned by a group of individuals who have been meeting regularly throughout the past year. Theye've envisioned a network of resources for those seeking care and information about end-of-life choices and reflections. The event is family-friendly and will be held at the Rostrum in Laurel Hill Park, behind the Stockbridge Town Hall.

See Facebook for more details.

General Timeline

This event has six components. Feel free to come for the whole event, or use the below schedule as a guide:

4:00 PM Art show and Gong Bath
4:30 PM Introduction and Ancestor Altar Ritual
5:15 PM Keynote Speaker Amy Cunningham - an Earth-friendly Funeral Director's views on the "Abiding Soul and Role of Reflective Ritual"
6:00 PM Closing Statements and Gong Bath
6:30 PM Lantern Walk through the Woods to Mary Hopkins Bridge. Pat Flinn will tell the story of Stockbridge Lantern Walks
7:00 PM Live Astronomy Event with Rick Costello on Park Street

What is it?

It's an art installation, gong bath experience, lantern walk through the woods and ceremonial altar to honor our ancestors and loved ones (bring something to add to the altar), and includes special guest - Amy Cunningham - speaking on Abiding Soul and Role of Reflective Ritual. (meet Amy through this wonderful Death et seq podcast.)

What to Bring

It's getting cold this weekend. Wear warm clothes and sturdy footwear.
If you have chairs that are easy to carry, bring those along too for your comfort.
For the Ancestor Altar, please bring pictures or mementos of family members, friends or pets that you've lost and would like to honor.

The sun sets at 5:45pm; bring a flashlight to get to your car at the end of the event.