2016 Annual Appeal Raised Over $15,000

Laurel Hill Association's 2016 Annual Appeal raised over $15,000 from nearly 200 donors. The donations ranged from $5 to $1,000. Approximately 60% of donations came from a local address (full- or part-time residents who maintain a PO Box in Stockbridge or Glendale and those with mailing addresses in Lenox or West Stockbridge). The rest came from locales as far flung as Sao Paolo (Brazil), Florida and Colorado. As one might expect, a large number of donors maintain a residence in the Boston or New York metropolitan areas.

The Board of Laurel Hill Association wants to thank all donors for their generosity in helping us maintain the character and quality of life of Stockbridge and to maintain the various properties we steward. Thanks again! You can see a list of donors here.