Earth Day Clean-up a Resounding Success!

Here are the totals from Earth Day!

Approximately 60 Stockbridge neighbors walked the roads to pick up litter and celebrate caring for our Town and Mother Earth. Collectively, we walked more than 70 miles. Some said they picked up less trash and others found more than last year.
Individuals, families, Laurel Hill Board members, Norman Rockwell Museum staff, Berkshire-Waldorf School students, Red Lion Inn staff and the "Interlaken Gang and accompanying pets" were among the participants. Non-treasures collected included cans, beer and soda bottles, nips, kleenex, cigarette butts, coffee cups, broken plastic and glass, food wrappers, scratch tickets and plastic bags. Also, mylar balloons, a live snake and dead beaver, and a pregnancy test (couldn't read the results!).

Around 20 volunteers came together at Stockbridge Coffee and Tea on Saturday afternoon for a well-earned beverage and a wonderful time with friends.

Suggestions for the future — adding a fall collection; placing trash cans on roads where it would be easier for walkers to dispose of trash; guiding some walkers to places with more trash as needed; researching alternatives to plastic bags – something recyclable or compostable.

You can't say thank you often enough, so once again, THANK YOU!

On behalf of Laurel Hill Association
Laura and Marie

Earth Day Team
Keith and Marie Raftery
DeDe and Marc Rathbun
Rich Bradway
Gail Beaudain and Jed Baumwell
Mary Boyce
Nancy and Peter Socha
Mark and Nancy Mills
Catherine and Leah Chester
Shelby Marshall
Cheryl Hutto
Laura Dubester
Joyce Hovey
Jim and Liz Murray
Bob Bartle
Susie Kaufman
Anna Smith
Pat Flinn
Lenore and Paul Sundberg and TEAM
Leslie Shatz
Patrick White
Sarah Boyd
Terry Wise
Jane Goodrich
Gary Pitney
Tom LaBelle and spouse
Christine Rasmussen
Stewart and Lynn Edelstein
Lionel Delevingne
Julie and Barney Edmonds
Barbara and Ed Lane
Eva Sheridan
Vicky Cooper
GeGe Kingston
Debbie Wiswesser
Sarah Horne
Stephanie Bradford

Riverbrook Residents
Berkshire Waldorf School
Red Lion Inn
Norman Rockwell Museum