Laurel Hill Park Renovation

Laurel Hill Park

Laurel Hill Park behind the Town Offices on Main Street is the Association's signature property. It was the site of the first meeting in 1853. Twenty-five years later in 1878 it was gifted to the Association by the Sedgwick family—our first property. Every August, we celebrate Laurel Hill Day at the Park, the anniversary of that first meeting.

An early description of the Park states that it "...had splendid rocks soaring into the air, and a hillside pink with laurel in the spring." Sadly, the Laurel has almost disappeared, and the rocks have been obscured by overgrowth. This year we will undertake a major project to restore these natural features, add interpretive signs, and renovate two of the Park's man-made features—the Rostrum, and the Butler Seat at the summit.

We are excited about revitalizing the Park, and hope you will agree by approving the Community Preservation Commission funding recommendation at the Town Meeting in May.