LHA closes trails accessed from Park St. and Ice Glen Road

The Town of Stockbridge has requested that LHA close Ice Glen, the Mary Flynn trail and the Laura's Tower trail, and we have complied.

The town has put barriers at the footbridge at the end of Park Street and at the entrance to Ice Glen via Ice Glen Road.

The closure was a result of heavy demand. Unfortunately, there isn't enough parking to accommodate the increased usage while maintaining social distancing as required due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyond that, Stockbridge first responders expressed concern that an accident on either the Ice Glen or Laura's Tower trail would be exceedingly difficult to access, especially since they must prioritize ambulance availability for the sick.

We believe the Town of Stockbridge acted with an abundance of caution and showed good judgment in making this request. While it saddens us to have to close trails used by locals and visitors alike for nearly two centuries (Ice Glen's trails are mentioned in Melville's Moby Dick), we recognize that concerns about our visitors' and first responders' safety must be paramount.