Nancy Fitzpatrick to Speak at Laurel Hill Day August 4

Nancy Fitzpatrick entering Oregon.

"From Boston to Oregon, My Walk Across America." That's the theme of this year's Laurel Hill Day talk by featured speaker Nancy Fitzpatrick, to be held August 4 at 2:00 pm at the Rostrum in the center of Laurel Hill Park.

Fitzpatrick, a resident of Stockbridge for 60 years, walked from Boston, Massachusetts to Newport, Oregon over the course of several trips between February 2011 and October 2016. How many miles did she walk? How many pairs of shoes did she wear out? What logistics and tactics were required? What was it like walking through Gary, Indiana and the south side of Chicago? Any grizzly sightings in Yellowstone? Was it scary? Was it fun?

What is America like in the small towns between the coasts? How does our town fit into the whole scheme of things? Fitzpatrick will tell you all this in one short talk on August 4, 2018!

Fitzpatrick moved to Stockbridge with her family in 1957. She graduated from Smith College and served in the Peace Corps in Venezuela. She worked in her family's businesses, principally The Red Lion Inn, until retiring in June 2017. She has been involved with many Berkshire organizations, including Chesterwood, the Norman Rockwell Museum, IS183, Tanglewood, the Creative Economy Council, and MASS MoCA.

For over 160 years, Laurel Hill Day has been a highlight of late summer Stockbridge. We're so honored that Nancy will join us this year to continue this tradition. Please join us, too.