Stockbridge and Food Security

Let's face it, we're blessed to live and/or spend time in Stockbridge. It's truly a wonderful life. Yet right here, there may be pockets of food insecurity and hunger among those struggling to get by, on fixed incomes, etc. We'd like to take a moment to provide information to those in need.

The Western Mass Food Bank hosts a Brown Bag Stockbridge food distribution site for elders at Heaton Court, 5 Pine St. in Stockbridge from 11:00 am to noon on the second Wednesday of every month. You can get more information at (413) 298-4170 or by clicking the link above. Note there are restrictions based on income; visit the website or call for clarification.

Open to anyone is the Great Barrington Mobile Food Bank, located behind the CHP Health Center at 444 Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington on the first Tuesday of every month from noon to 1:00 pm. There are no eligibility requirements to receive food from the Mobile Food Bank. Anyone in need of assistance can attend. It's a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to distribution time or around 12:30 pm when the initial queue subsides, and to bring boxes or bags to carry your food.‌

Food security is a real issue for all too many Americans, including many right here in the Berkshires. Your support of this organization can make a difference in meeting the most basic of needs. Thanks!