Past Projects

In its first century of existence, Laurel Hill Association planted thousands of trees, fought invasion of the Elm leaf beetle, laid sidewalks, maintained streets, cleared snow, erected monuments, dealt with public trash, and undertook many other projects. Over time many of these efforts became town responsibilities, and in recent years we have focused largely on maintaining our properties and several town properties (mainly monuments and public gardens).

Recent project include the following:

Invasive Species Removal

Laurel Hill Association has been awarded several grants for invasive species removal. Under these grants, Native Habitat Restoration removed invasive species from the Mary Flynn Trail, the Larrywaug property, and Lower Bowker's Wood trail in Glendale, to allow native plants and animals to reclaim the land that had been overrun with invasive plants.

Property Maintenance

The Association has repaired trails and footbridges (e.g., the bridge on the Mary Flynn Trail). Volunteers have repaired the cement steps on Laura's Tower.