Kate Fletcher, Treasurer

Kate grew up in Stockbridge and became interested in town government during social studies classes at Monument Mountain Regional Highschool with longtime Stockbridge Select Board member John Beacco and Planning Board member Jack Spencer, both of whom shared firsthand experiences and insights with their students on town matters. Kate later spearheaded an initiative that led to passage of a well-received town bylaw for the Stockbridge Bowl and subsequently ran for the Planning Board where she is currently serving her second term. She has served as chair of the Stockbridge Zoning Review Committee and currently is chair of the Fountain Committee, a committee overseeing the restoration of the Cat and Dog Fountain and the Watering Trough. She is an advocate for conservation and stewardship of the remarkable woodlands, wetlands, waterways and other natural resources in Stockbridge – all values that she connects to the Laurel Hill Association and its vital history of advocacy and stewardship.

Kate Fletcher