Bruce Blair

Bruce Blair moved to Stockbridge in 1971, worked summers at Tanglewood and the Berkshire Garden Center and graduated from Colgate University in 1974.

“I was always outdoors, often on what is now the Four Corners parcel next to my house. I have always been a catch and release fisherman. My wife, Sandy, and I spend much time on the Bowl in our mini-pontoon boat.

I moved to Connecticut later in the 70’s to work for the state in child protective services, returning to Stockbridge to visit family on weekends. I then worked for the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, doing grant work and developing collaborative groups for a variety of education projects. We returned to the Stockbridge in 2004 to give my parents a hand, commuted to CT until retirement, then returned to reside in the family home after my parents passed away.

I am a cyclist, hiker, and coach the soccer team at Simon’s Rock. I write regularly, mainly on conservation issues, for Stockbridge Updates. I play the Children’s Chimes and helped arrange for the recent repairs.

I am a committed conservationist and have always believed that the unique natural and aesthetic attributes of Stockbridge need special care and stewardship so that this legacy can continue to be passed on for generations.”

Bruce Blair